Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Biochemistry Dud

You may or may not have noticed that I tend to be very emphatic that allopathic or traditional medicine is not the way to go, but that I'm not personally offended by the doctors of that type. There are a few different reasons why, and what is written below is just one of them.

Most allopathic doctors and career biologists are limited in their educations to "biochemistry" as they call it, which is pretty much based on Lavoisier's law. Even mental and psychological phenomena are commonly reduced to chemistry, since that is their area of expertise. The electromagnetic properties of humans (and other objects and creatures on earth) are usually ignored or not recognized as valid, because they are energy, which is not included in the study of chemistry. This is normally the basis for drugs being prescribed for nearly everything under the sun.

Chemistry is a very important part of life processes, but not all life processes obey the rules of chemistry. The effects of essential oils on the human body do not obey the laws of chemistry, which is one reason why the same oil cannot be prescribed for the same ailment every single time.

We'll be exploring this issue further.

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