Sunday, August 8, 2010

The End of Books... For Now

So I finished the section in my chemistry book about books. I was going to move on, but I think it would be too hard to write about 2 different subjects. One interesting thing I learned this morning is that there are a couple great books on herbs and essential oils that are allopathic in origin. I wouldn't have thought that before, and at least my prior point of view is somewhat validated by the fact that only two or three books are listed in that category.

Another aspect I consider VERY important is that when allopathic manuals reference negative side effects of herbal or essential oil compounds, they are actually referencing SYNTHETIC versions of those compounds. However, when this information gets to us laymen, that distinction is not made, and because common labels are used in the terminology, it's nearly impossible for us to decipher that there is indeed a difference. One of the reasons why a distinction is not made, is because doctors and others trained in allopathy do not believe there is a difference between natural and synthetic compounds. They truly believe that they are able to fully manufacture the exact same thing as God does. I'll give you the example that was used in the book: Oil of Wintergreen is what they call the synthetic form of wintergreen essential oil. See how it basically just sounds like they must be talking about the same exact thing? You wouldn't even ask why they say it backwards, because it basically just sounds like a more medical or scientific way of saying "wintergreen oil".

I did finish my chart, and I'm going to try and find a way to get it up here. It is in excel format, and I think I may be able to use a friend's Adobe to turn it into a pdf if necessary. The chart is a list of essential oils with certain percentages of phenolpropanoids, sesquiterpenes, and monoterpenes, based on information from the Reference Guide for Essential Oils Tenth Edition. There is also a column that helps decipher pricing for practical reference. If anyone is interested, send me your email address.

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