Sunday, August 8, 2010

Essential Oils Protect

Essential oils offer protection from viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi.

Generally antibiotics are prescribed for bacterial infections. The big issue with taking antibiotics, however, is that they indiscriminately kill ALL bacteria. Our bodies are populated with large numbers of bacteria and yeasts and other organisms that actually keep us healthy. They help us digest our food, and they fight off harmful bacteria and other germs, besides performing other beneficial tasks inside our bodies. Like I mentioned in the last blog, antibiotics are made to perform only ONE function: they kill bacteria. Antibiotics don’t kill just the harmful bacteria. They kill the beneficial bacteria as well, so that after you have taken antibiotics to fight a bacterial infection, your immune system is compromised. You are now in a state of extra vulnerability to other bacteria and viruses that could cause you harm. This is because in their war against the bacteria that caused the infection you had, the antibiotics also maimed and killed the bacteria that normally would have helped in the battle. (It’s kinda like when we are affected by the fact that innocents are killed as a by-product of wars. We get mad at governments that wage wars with these ill-effects, but then we invite doctors to wage the same wars inside our own individual bodies.) In order to counter the effects of the antibiotics, large amounts of yogurt and other fermented/cultured foods and also raw veggies and fruits are recommended after they’ve been used.

Antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs also produce a state of acidity in the body. They push minerals and other nutrients out of the body sometimes in their performance of the task they were formulated to complete. This state of acidity creates a friendly environment for harmful bacteria and fungi to occupy.

Essential oils do not operate in the same way that antibiotics do. Oils continuously work toward a state of homeostasis in the body. Not only do they let the beneficial organisms stay where they are to keep us healthy, they actually help nourish them to bolster their performance. At the same time, they help to eliminate the conditions of the environment that harbored the harmful organisms. Oils bring our bodies to a slightly alkaline state, which harmful organisms cannot thrive in. Alkaline and acid conditions are opposites in health, and we want to have a good, balanced combination of both.

Even better, essential oils are able to attack viruses and fungi, which, as is commonly known, antibiotics are not capable of doing.

Just living around and breathing in essential oils daily helps to keep our bodies closer to a state of homeostasis, the balance that keeps us healthy.

When God created Adam and Eve, He placed them in a garden without buildings. They were walking around in a place where essential oils and other beneficial molecules abound in the air. This doesn’t necessarily mean we should all be living in gardens and give up our homes. It just shows how natural the idea is that essential oils contribute to our health.

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